Hey there! I’m Olivia, the owner of Minnie Tingz, operating from Houston, TX. My online shop is inspired by my two nieces and nephew; Kam, Katie & Jojo. You can call me the “cool aunt!” After the birth of my nephew, I became obsessed with all things baby. While attending college, I enjoyed my time working as a teacher and nanny. After college at the University of Houston (Go coogs!) I decided to focus on building my own baby brand. 3 years ago God told me he had a plan for me.. 3 years later here I am with my own shop with a motive to share my beautiful products with the cool mamas and aunts! It’s only right that I pay it forward! 
Our goal here at Minnie Tingz is to provide safe, affordable and stylish baby tingz for your littles. We value our customers and strive to always provide high quality products and exceptional customer service. You can always contact us at info@minnietingz.co 


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Email Us: info@minnietingz.co
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